How do I need to Measure myself for Lederhosen

Bayerische Alpen takes pride to take the old German legacy of stitching personalized lederhosen for its customers; and that at much affordable, economical rates.

At Bayerische Alpen, the size guide categorizes different chest, waist, and hip sizes. Thus, once you have recorded your body measurements effectively, you can easily get a made-to-measure, customized product.

Men’s Lederhosen Size Chart

Lederhosen Size Chart For Men


Side Length Lederhosen

Once you have recorded the body height and all other measurements, take a look at the size chart offered with each product. Each size specifies a corresponding side length that identifies the total length of the garment. Keeping your body measurements in check, choose your preferred lederhosen length.

Even better, skip the restrictions of a size chart and get a custom side length for your lederhosen. At the elederhosen shop, we create made-to-measure designs that can cater to your preferred lederhosen side length.


Women’s Lederhosen Size Chart

Women's Lederhosen Size Chart