How to Measure for Lederhosen?

How to Measure for Lederhosen

How to Measure for Lederhosen?

Traditional lederhosen follows the German sizing system. Keep reading to understand how the system works and bonus tricks to measure your size correctly!

Whether it’s your first time buying lederhosen or you’ve been a regular lederhosen lover, you must know that nothing comes at par with an authentic German lederhosen design. Nevertheless, these fierce leather breeches are worth investment and make for an elegant Oktoberfest outfit.

An essential element of nailing that Bavarian look is to ensure it elegantly hugs your body in the right way. You don’t want a bulky garment floating on the body or one that is too tight to move. This is easy to ensure if the garment is physically available to try on. 

However, with most lederhosen being sold online outside Munich, that is not always possible. So trust eLederhosen online shop to give you the best advice on the matter. Before you go on buying a pair for the next Oktoberfest online, read our sizing guide to learn how to get the perfect fit. 

Lederhosen Size Guide:

As a rich symbol of German traditions, the lederhosen is a true image of the rich Bavarian legacy. So naturally, Munich locals carry an upper hand in lederhosen production, which follows the German sizing system.

As online stores recreate these designs, they tend to follow the same sizing standards. The sizes of Men typically start at 46, extending up to 62 in multiples of 2. Thus, a size 46 would be ideal for those with a jeans waist of 29-30”, 48 for 31-32”, and so on.

It was a German tradition to call a tailor at home, give exact measurements and get personalized lederhosen stitched for Oktoberfest. Since the times have changed and getting personalized lederhosen is not affordable for everyone, usually, lederhosen lovers prefer to get a ready-to-wear Oktoberfest outfit at cheaper prices. However, eLederhosen takes pride to take the old German legacy of stitching personalized lederhosen for its customers; and that at much more affordable, economical rates.

At eLederhosen, the size guide categorizes different chest, waist, and hip sizes. Thus, once you have recorded your body measurements effectively, you can easily get a made-to-measure, customized product. 

How Tight Should Lederhosen Be?

The authentic German lederhosen Oktoberfest is always an animal skin leather product. Therefore, the material is always very tight but will loosen up with its break time. Keeping that in mind, always choose a size closer to your measurements. It will automatically fit over time as the leather inflates. Additionally, you can always use the lacing and suspenders at the waist to tighten it as per need. 

How to Size Lederhosen? 

Lederhosen only appears elegant if it perfectly fits your body. Traditional lederhosen is figure-hugging garments but not painful. Therefore, you must have the updated body measurements at hand to achieve this precise shape. 

Body Height

One of the defining characteristics of lederhosen is its length. Traditionally, it must end right above the knee. However, modern versions have presented designs ending below the knees or long lederhosen covering the entire leg.

Regardless of the style you prefer, you must be very careful that it does not abruptly end anywhere on the leg. For that purpose, you will need to provide your exact height. 

Here’s how you can measure your height at home, by yourself:

  • Locate an uncarpeted floor that connects to a straight, flat wall in your house. 
  • Take off your shoes, any head accessories, or bulky clothing that could lead to inaccurate results. 
  • Stand flat against the wall with your eyes facing straight and chin up. Make sure your feet are together, with the soles touching the base of the wall.
  • Place a piece of flat cardboard, a book, or a ruler horizontally against the wall to mark the spot where it makes a right angle just above your head.
  • Step aside and use a tape measure to record the length from the floor up to the marked point.

Waist and Hip Circumference

Since the lederhosen is more focused around the lower abdomen and buttocks, an ill-fitted pair can easily become a nightmare. Walking, running, and enjoying the Oktoberfest is only possible if you have a pair that is comfortable on the waist. 

body size guide for lederhosen


Here’s how you can record the correct waist and hip measurements:

  • If possible, find a full-length body mirror. Otherwise, settle with a mirror big enough to give you a clear view of your body down to the hips.
  • Make sure you are not wearing bulky bottoms.
  • Wrap a measuring tape around the widest part of your hips. Use your reflection in the mirror to ensure you record the widest area. 
  • Make sure the tape measure is straight from the front and back. Hold it tight in place as you take down the measurements. 
  • Hold the measuring tape at the narrowest part of your upper body to get the waist size. For most people, this is about an inch over the belly button.
  • Relax your stomach and do not suck it in to end up with a smaller but uncomfortable size.
  • Use the brand’s size guide to convert the recorded measurement into the required units/metric system.

Side Length Lederhosen

Once you have recorded the body height and all other measurements, take a look at the size chart offered with each product. Each size specifies a corresponding side length that identifies the total length of the garment. Keeping your body measurements in check, choose your preferred lederhosen length.

Even better, skip the restrictions of a size chart and get a custom side length for your lederhosen. At the elederhosen shop, we create made-to-measure designs that can cater to your preferred lederhosen side length.

Women Size Guide

Women follow the same steps as men to measure their lederhosen outfits. The EU Size of Women-lederhosen typically starts at 32, extending up to 46 in multiples of 2, and the US size starts from 4 to 18. However, the ruling is different when concerned with dirndl and blouse designs. German dirndl sizes generally start from XXS 32, going all the way up to 48 and 50 for plus-size women.

The dirndl should appear very well-fitted in the midriff area while accentuating the lower body and chest. Traditionally, the skirt would end near the ankles, but modern designs tend to only target mid-calf or knee-length.

Kids Lederhosen Size Guide

Even the smallest size in a men’s or women’s size chart would be too big for your child. Look for a specialized children’s sizing chart that caters to short or long lederhosen for kids.

As children tend to grow quickly, we prefer that you take fresh body measurements.

Height: Make the child stand straight against a wall and mark the point where their head meets the surface. Take the measurement from the point of contact to the bottom.

Waist: Measure the smallest part of their waistline, right above the belly button.

Hips: Wrap the measuring tape around the widest part of their hips to record the measurement. If you’re getting lederhosen for a baby still in diapers, remember to add an inch or two extra in the value.

How to Measure for Lederhosen Suspenders?

The only way to make sure your suspenders fit right is to grab a tape measure and get some precise body measurements noted.

  • Put on a Lederhosen. If you don’t have one yet, grab a pair of pants and adjust them slightly below the waist like lederhosen.
  • Place one end of the tape against the front left side of the lederhosen waistband.
  • Roll out the tape across the chest over the left shoulder.
  • Continue rolling until the back right side of the waistband.
  • Take the measurement, round it off to the nearest whole number, and order one size up.
  • If the measurement is in inches, multiply by 2.54 to convert it to centimeters.

How to Measure for a Dirndl Outfit?

You will require the bust, waist, and height measurements to get all the elements of a dirndl right. This includes a puffed-up blouse, an A-line skirt, and the low-cut dirndl dress.

Bust: Stand straight with your arms loosely hanging on the sides. Extend the tape measure from under your shoulders around the fullest part of your bust.

Waist: Wrap the measuring tape around the narrowest part of your waistline. This is usually where the belly button is, or right at its top.

Height: You do not want your body height but, in fact, the measurement from your waistline to your desired skirt length.

It is possible that your body measurements do not correspond to a singular size. Remember to not compromise on the waist size. An inch or two difference in the bust usually adjusts due to the flexibility of the fabric.

Where to Get Lederhosen for Oktoberfest?

With all that information at hand, you are now well-versed in the right sizing techniques for lederhosen. Scroll through the collection at eLederhosen and choose from the many lederhosen and Bundhosen designs, give your correct measurements and flaunt yourself in the perfect Oktoberfest costume of your choice. Happy shopping!

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