About Us

About Us

The time was September of 2015, the high-pitched chords of summer slowly reducing to an echo and the subtle melody of the autumn breeze taking over. I was on a recreational trip to Bavaria, Germany. The autumnal air was swaying with the radiance and thrill of Oktoberfest preparations perfectly harmonized to emphasize their century-long togetherness.

Little did I know in the rosiness of the spirit that I was about to discover my roots in a foreign land. It was my first experience watching the Oktoberfest parade. The moment I saw people wearing Lederhosen, the doors of my nostalgic past opened wide in my mind. There, in front of my eyes, was sitting my grandmother embellishing my Kurta with delicate embroidery. My whole childhood was wrapped in her intense, never-ending love.

It was just like love-at-first-sight with Lederhosen due to my deep love for the delicate embroidery.

Whether it was the tenderness of her love or the true power of Bavarian traditions, I cannot say my grandmother’s gesture stuck with me long after she was no more, leaving behind an unflickering spirit to honor the beauty of our traditions.

So, in that trance of love for my grandmother’s legacy, our lederhosen shop by the name of Bayerische Alpen came into being.

Each Oktoberfest, I stand in awe of the expanse of individuals adorned in lederhosen and dirndls, perhaps bought by the labor of hard work, or sewn with a mother’s love. How marvelous it is to see us all –  so disconnected from each other yet so united by tradition and culture. And, these garments, the connecting string, an embodiment of our playful spirits are equally astounding.

While we could not replicate the power of the garments, we have tried to reimagine it. Our team has left no stone unturned in creating a range of Lederhosen for men and women, dirndl dresses, and an exclusive kids’ collection with an untamed Bavarian spirit. You are definitely spoilt for choice with the many in-store patterns, colors, and designs.

What we carry:

At the Bayerische Alpen, we carry authentic German clothing that embodies the threadwork and silhouettes we have grown up seeing. We transport fashion back to when every inch of lederhosen displayed supreme mastery of artisans. Our designs are fashioned out of genuine, high-quality leather and attempt to exude a distinct warmth and companionship. Furthermore, we boast of being the only manufacturers offering the fully-customized, made-to-measure fit lederhosen and drindl. Reviving the past tradition of the tailors stitching your dresses per your choice, we at Bayerische Alpen offer you to choose from leather to color to size to the style and color of embroidery – get your lederhosen stitched as you like.

Why it Matters: 

The Oktoberfest is a glorious celebration of love, an evocative journey to the past traditions, a farewell for many, and a welcoming for others. It is our means to enrich and nourish the past practices and globalize these traditions, an effort to entrust the young generations with the heirloom of the rich past.


Shop Men:

For individuals of all ages, our collection of shirts and Lederhosen for men is a means of making your Bavarian pride the star of every show. The Bayerische Alpen is full of options, from the good old vintage lederhosen cutwork to the relatively modern bundhosen design.

Go on a limb with your patriotic spirit and consider these neat silhouettes and intricate embroidered patterns for an incredibly eye-catching outfit.

Shop Women:

When we regard Bavarian garments as a mirror to your identity, we intend to showcase it at every chance we get! Therefore, we have an assortment of powerful lederhosen, dirndl and blouse designs for women to thank them for their undying bravery each day.

These versatile pieces feature traditional handiwork for intricate patterns over a very soothing color palette. With our made-to-measure fit, each piece will elegantly droop down your body, perfectly complementing the resilience of womanhood.