Lederhosen Long Pants

Traditional fashion enthusiasts and their obsession with Lederhosen Long Pants is a common topic nowadays. That is why they come in various colors, styles, designs, and sizes. So, you can order the one that aligns with your budget, choice, and interest. 

These Bavarian leather pants have traditional, brown-toned embroidered designs on the leg. The leather is genuine goatskin that was influenced by classic Trachten patterns. Each item is embellished with belts and buckles to accentuate the Bavarian style and guarantee that the lederhosen fit you precisely.

Full-Length Lederhosen – Bavarian touch to your fashion sense!

Lederhosen not only come in shorts but also in the form of Bavarian long leather pants. So, if you want leather lederhosen pants, you can choose this option. Fashion is undoubtedly about making yourself comfortable with your style and confidently carrying it. In that way, if Bavarian Long Pants can work better for you, you can get one that suits you better.

To add more, you can make your look more appealing by adding accessories. Hold on! They are optional but spice up the charm of your look.

Bayerische Alpen; the unbeatable platform for Trachten

By visiting our platform, you can get the best full-length lederhosen. Our extensive customization option provides our consumers complete control over the decision. Please let us know if you can put together an outfit for yourself. On the other side, feel free to if you need direction. 

You can always get assistance from our customer service. You can contact our experts if you want to discuss and decide on your style. Choose your embroidery design and other preferences. Plus size Long Lederhosen are also within your reach now!