Bavarian Trachten Outfits – Universal Oktoberfest Traditional Attire

Bavarian Trachten Outfits

Bavarian Trachten Outfits – Universal Oktoberfest Traditional Attire

Trachten is no more famous because of its link to Oktoberfest, yet an everyday fashion for all. eLederhosen is your platform to choose the most suitable one.

Traditional Bavarian attire has seen a revival and is currently more popular than ever. People in the Alpine areas of Bavaria and Austria wore this Traditional type of clothing, known in German as Tracht. Tracht meaning is “what is worn.”  Of course, the lederhosen and Dirndl are the most iconic items. The most amazing thing about lederhosen is that it is not a gender-specific dress. Men, as well as women, can wear it and enjoy it.  Wearing Tracht has become a big aspect of the Munich Oktoberfest in recent years. However, now traditional Bavarian fashion is no more specific to Oktoberfest.

You can customize your favorite Lederhosen and wear it at any event. Lederhosen goes well with formal as well as informal events. This is the reason behind its availability in a huge variety. No doubt, brands are trying to make such dresses easy to reach.

What is Trachten?

What is Trachten

Trachten clothing is a huge category of traditional garments. Simply put, all the traditional German outfits are set in the Trachten category. Tracht was initially a symbol to indicate social class. First, They appeared in the 18th and 19th centuries. However, people all over the country increasingly wear them regardless of age, ethnicity, or social status. People love them as a symbol of German culture and pride.

Well, the most iconic piece of this category is Lederhosen and dirndl. It is a very popular traditional attire for men as well as women.

When to wear Trachten?

Among all, the most famous are Lederhosen and Dirndl. Besides Oktoberfest, locals dress traditionally for the local festival in many towns and villages and for important events like Christmas or weddings. People wear the same dress for birthday parties and other gatherings. Wearing this kind of dress can make you feel the real companionship and warmth of the events.

Keep reading this article to learn everything there is to know about traditional Bavarian attire. Here, we will elaborate on every aspect related to German Trachten.


What is lederhosen?

Lederhosen or leather breeches are fresh leather Bavarian Trachten. These leather breeches are iconic pieces of apparel with good fame worldwide. Lederhosen come in a variety of styles, though. Although they often have a flap over the flies.

Also, the traditional matching braces attached to the chest by a strap may appear quite different. Almost all traditional lederhosen, however, include ornate embroidery. They range in length from short to over-knee to full-length. Bavarians dress up during celebrations and fairs, the most well-known being Oktoberfest.

What is Dirndl?

Dirndl is a variant of Lederhosen. Like lederhosen, it is not an all-rounder dress. It is only available for women. If talk about, the dress, has three parts that are:

  • The dress
  • The apron
  • The blouse

However, ladies can wear this dress at formal and informal events like lederhosen.

Is it necessary to wear Trachten for Oktoberfest?

No, there is no such restriction about what to wear and what not. Oktoberfest is an international beer festival. Also, it is a traveling carnival that features nightlife, dancing, and enjoying music. People love wearing Trachten at this festival because of the history of the festival. Yes! You read it right. The history of Oktoberfest dates back to 1810, Since then, Trachten outfits have started taking place in people’s hearts and wardrobes.

Now, Lederhosen has come a long way. It is not only an Oktoberfest dress now. People also love wearing it at birthday parties, weddings, and other gatherings. So, you can get unique, beautiful, and suitable lederhosen options that work best for you.

Why should I wear Trachten for Oktoberfest?

Look, the real essence of festivals is to make the most out of them. Every year, people consider spending a lot of money on reaching Munich, Germany. So, when you are all set to participate in Oktoberfest and unlock a magnificent experience of joy and entertainment, why compromise about the outfit? Another reason to focus on the dress and buy an appropriate one is to keep yourself in the matter of fun and enjoyment.

When everyone is wearing the same dress category, it increases the warmth of the festival. You can make more vital memories by having a huge degree of companionship. So, consider opting for Bavarian Tracht this year if you have never before. 

What to add to the Oktoberfest look besides Trachten?

So, to spice up your look, you need to add a few ingredients to it. They are none other than accessories. Not only do they boost the charm of your look, but also they add to the convenience of your outfit.

For instance, wearing a leather belt becomes necessary to hold your lederhosen from loosening up. On the same side, wearing suspenders, keep your Bundhosen if you prefer a knee-length instead of shorts.

Where to get the authentic Trachten?

You can go with any brand according to your taste and preferences. What stands out of all its competitors is eLederhosen. Listen! We proudly declare ourselves as the most suitable option for German Tracht. We are saying so because we offer our trusted customers full customization options. Our platform lets you choose already present options or start from scratch. If you are a traditional fashion enthusiast and want to be tricky, you can mix and match to create unique options.

To add more, we are leaving you with the ease of sending us a high-resolution image of the embroidery design you want. Leave the rest to us. Also, we have successfully resolved the issue of sizing. Now you can check out our blog to take body measurements from home.

Final Thoughts

Trachten includes traditional German Tracht like Lederhosen and dirndl. This conventional fashion icon comes for both men and women. Therefore, it is available a lot of options to choose from. You can now select the costume’s color, style, design, and size. On our platform, we also allow you to select the embroidery design.

Hope this guide was helpful to you.

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