Traditional fashion at Oktoberfest

Traditional fashion at Oktoberfest

Traditional fashion at Oktoberfest

One of the notable things about this German Traditional Festival is the crazy German Traditional Dress options that people go for. If you are searching for a style guide to enjoying Oktoberfest, you are in the right spot. Here, in this guide, we will elaborate on the unique options to make your Oktoberfest more memorable than ever. Let’s crack it all!

Why Go With Traditional Fashion Options

Well, following traditional fashion and participating in a traveling carnival is the soul of this festival. Almost everyone attends this fest in Traditional Bavarian outfits. This is so because wearing the same kind of dresses that are thought authentic for that fest makes them blend better in the crowd. Although it is not compulsory to wear traditional outfits on Oktoberfest it does add to the feeling of warmth and companionship. 

Additionally, by doing so, you will feel less like a tourist and make the whole experience of Oktoberfest a hell of fun. This is actually what this festival is all about.

Traditional Bavarian outfit

What Women and Men Usually Prefer Wearing On Oktoberfest

Both men’s and women’s outfits for this enjoyable fest come in endless styles and vibrant colors. In addition, you can add socks, shoes, and sweaters of your choice and preference. In short, you can create your customized look and experience new styles depending on your passion for an authentic look for the festival.

But, in general, trends show that men and women prefer wearing:

  • Dirndl
  • Lederhosen 

To put it in clear words, both genders prefer styling these outfits according to their choice, interests, budget, and personal preferences, so can you!

Lederhosen: Men’s Choice

Traditional Lederhosen has become fashion for men and women

Earlier, no one knew that Lederhosen would become a traditional costume; they were only created as workwear for Austrian and German peasants. The lederhosen was just culottes made out of leather which translates to “leather breeches.” These days, men love wearing stylish Lederhosen every year for Oktoberfest.

Lederhosen are knee-length or short leather breeches that German-speaking countries wear as traditional outfits. These days, they come in various colors of leather. Besides that, you can also choose the style and color of embroidery of the lederhosen. These handmade tanned deer leather lederhosen are light and soft but tear-proof.

The beautiful Lederhosen leather breeches are styled with simple yet classy Bavarian shirts to make the look more stunning. There are many varieties of this outfit. The most notable is one hip pocket, a codpiece, two side pockets,  and one knife pocket. 

Lederhosen is a men’s attire but women can wear it as well. Just like men’s Lederhosen, Women Lederhosen also come in a vast variety in terms of color, style, and embroidery designs. 

Dirndl: Women’s Choice

oktoberfest dirndl

Dirndl is a variant of Lederhosen that men generally wear as a traditional fashion for Oktoberfest. In Bavarian Traditions, dirndl is a dress that women can wear from formal to festival events and beyond. Being traditional, this dress is not much heavy and can cater to formal event demands. On the same side, it is decent and suitable to go well with festivals.

A Bavarian Traditional Dirndl has three parts: a dress, an apron, and a blouse.

  • A Dirndl Dress:

    The dress part of a dirndl fits pretty snugly. It has a zip either in the front or on the sides. It may have pockets as well. Besides that, some may have criss-cross ribbons, while others may not.

  • A Dirndl Apron:

    Next comes the dirndl apron; it is also a part of the outfit that comes in various designs and colors. What’s common in all dirndl aprons is that they all follow the same pattern. A chic apron and a nice tie are the perfect matches.

  • A Dirndl Blouse:

    Last comes the dirndl blouse, the last part of a white shirt worn under a dirndl. In most cases, they are white, but they are not limited to white colors only. They do come in multiple colors and style options.

What are we offering for Oktoberfest?

We know the expectations of people and their interest in trying traditional and classy styles and vibrant colors to enjoy Oktoberfest. That is why we leave their choice to themselves. Yes! You read it right. We are the only brand to offer fully customized Traditional Bavarian Outfits for Oktoberfest.

Which Outfits Should Avoid At Oktoberfest

To fit in the crowd well and feel a sense of companionship, you must know what to wear and what not. This is so because wearing the wrong or non-suitable garments may kick you out. Here are a few outfit options that fall in an inappropriate category for this occasion:

  • Avoid wearing a costume to Oktoberfest
  • Don’t even try sandals or open-toed shoes
  • Never bring a bid bad

Why Choose Us

We are here for you if you want to make this Oktoberfest memorable. We offer genuine German Traditional Outfits that embody the threadwork and silhouettes. Our outfits exude companionship and warmth because of their high-quality leather and standing-out styles with vibrant colors.

To add more, we pride ourselves on being the only brand to offer customized dirndl and lederhosen. By choosing us, you will feel the same thing as the traditions of tailors crafting your favorite dresses as per your choice. At eLederhosen, we let you choose your size, leather color, style, and embroidery color.

Final Thoughts

Oktoberfest is a festival of trying out traditional outfits and enjoying the carnival. The fascination of fashion has been increasing day by day for years, and it does not seem to go away anytime soon. So, it makes people follow different styles according to their choice and taste. 

If you are to participate in this fest, lederhosen offers various traditional outfits. To add more, we can craft the outfit you imagined to rock in Oktoberfest this year. Visit us and tell us what you want, and we will deliver your dream Bavarian traditional outfit.

Happy Oktoberfest!


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