What To Wear To Oktoberfest – Where Fun And Style Rules

lederhosen for men

What To Wear To Oktoberfest – Where Fun And Style Rules

Wearing traditional outfits has become a ritual for Oktoberfest. Men, as well as women, unlock unstoppable fun wearing the Bavarian Traditional Lederhosen.

With every passing year, you may blame yourself for missing out on Oktoberfest. So, no time is better to finalize your decision to unlock this big fun than now. Before you start packing, consider getting some costumes that reflect the local culture of Germany. Finally, you are going to Oktoberfest and something really big. So, you want to turn your fashion game on.

Like you will go big with your beer intake and the nightlife. Likewise, if you feel daring, you also need to go big with your traditional attire. Yes! You read it right. Costume!

If you have been searching for what to wear to Oktoberfest, you are on the right platform. Let’s break it all together! 

Why Dress Traditional On Oktoberfest?

Oktoberfest is an old traditional festival held in 1810 for the first time. Since then, it has hosted thousands of tourists and enthusiasts yearly. At that time, Bavarian Lederhosen outfits were very popular as workwear for peasants. So, because of the history of Oktoberfest and German culture, people love wearing the same cultural dresses. 

Although wearing traditional is not compulsory at the event, it can add to the companionship and fun of the festival. With a proper dress code at an event, you can deeply feel the warmth of the fest. Besides the dress only, you can go with many other styling ingredients like shoes, socks, hats, and accessories. These are all small pieces but do a fantastic job of uplifting your look.

What To Wear To Oktoberfest?

Lederhosen is the most popular and stunning dress option for Oktoberfest because of the history of Oktoberfest. In the 17th century, leather lederhosen was German peasants’ most popular workwear. Since then, people have started using it as a fashion icon to quench their thirst for style. 

These days, traditional German leather shorts have become an essential part of Oktoberfest, the world’s largest beer fest and traveling carnival. To create a unified and beautiful look for Oktoberfest, you will need the following ingredients to add the spice. They include:

  • Oktoberfest Costume
  • Oktoberfest Shoes
  • Traditional Socks
  • Traditional Suspenders
  • Alpine Hat
  • Money Wallets And Bags
  • Accessories

Oktoberfest Costume

Lederhosen for Men

Lederhosen For Men:

Lederhosen is a leather costume that is primarily Traditional Bavarian shorts. The fascination with fashion has made people diversify the category of Lederhosen. So, they come in a wide variety in terms of color, style, and embroidery design. In general, a pair of lederhosen has bone or animal horn buttons. You are free to choose what meets your requirements or what you think can suit your body type, as some come with heavy embroidery that makes them fancier. Lederhosen pairs up with a Trachten shirt that comes with light colors or checkered patterns.

Lederhosen For Women:


Lederhosen and Dirndl for womenGone are the days when traditional Lederhosen was a men-only dress. Now, women also love wearing this dress. This is the reason behind the wide variety of this dress. You can get your leather lederhosen in many colors ranging from light to dark. Indeed, this is a bare example of fashion breaking boundaries and gender specifications. 

Besides Lederhosen pants, women wear Drindl as a traditional wear for Oktoberfest. It is a variant of lederhosen that includes three basic parts. They are:

  • Dress part
  • An Apron
  • A Blouse

Oktoberfest Shoes

Oktoberfest Shoes

Haferl Shoes are the most popular shoes among people as they nicely go with lederhosen. Additionally, they are very comfortable to wear as you have to walk long distances. They have a smooth leather top, wooden buttons, and rubber-cleated bumps. Besides being comfortable, they are fashionable and durable as well. 

Again, fashion enthusiasts have started finding ways to diversify this sector. Now, companies are also designing Tracht sneakers. These sneakers are gaining great popularity as a good alternative to half shoes.

For women, Mary Jane is the most popular option for Oktoberfest Shoes. They are very suitable for everyday shoes with straps and flat bottoms. Leather and rubber bottom makes them comfortable. And cleated heels at the toes make the sound of dancing.

Traditional Socks

In most cases, traditional Bavarian socks may have stripes or checkered patterns. Besides that, plain socks are also available if you like them more. Grab yours, which matches your traditional dress and satisfies you.

Traditional Suspenders

For Oktoberfest, you buy everything traditional; why ruin your look by not wearing formal lederhosen suspenders? They have a unique classic touch. A Bavarian Traditional suspender will have H shaped front strap breastplate with beautiful embroidery. At the same time, the back strap will be in a crisscross manner.

Alpine Hat

The thirst to make the look more traditional makes people add an Alpine hat to their faces. It is a very soft-to-touch, flexible, and comfortable hat. So go for an Alpine hat instead of going behind a tacky touristy hat. 

To add more charm to your look, you can add the following to your hat:

  • Hat Pins
  • Hat Feathers

Money Wallets And Bags

While traveling, you need to carry money and cards as well. So, you will always need to bring a small wallet or bag. You can go with any of the following options: 

A Money Wallet: This is the best fit because it can hold your money, identification, and cards. At the same time, it is so small that you can carry it hustle-free. What else can you wish for? 

Cross-body Bags: If you think a money wallet is not enough for you and you need something big, a cross-body bag is your option. Look! Never consider having a regular or shoulder bag because they can deteriorate all your styling efforts. A cross-body bag is what you can hide under your jacket effortlessly. On the other hand, a regular backpack will remain visible. 


Adding accessories is a fun activity to boost the charm of look multi-folds. That is why men, as well as women, consider paying a considerable portion of their money, interest, and time in making a selection. 


Men’s Accessories: Men can add the following to their look:

  • A Charivari chain
  • A handkerchief tie

Women’s accessories: On the other hand, women love adding the followings: 

  • Short handkerchief scarf 
  • Weisn necklace
  • Chains with hanging coins
  • Umbrella when raining

Jackets and Sweaters

As Oktoberfest is a festival in October, it may get colder. So, everyone should be ready to cope with it, whether men or women. Beautiful jackets and sweaters are available. Like all the other things, you can choose the one that works for you as they come in a variety in terms of thickness, size, and style. 

Final Words!

Oktoberfest is a time of making unforgettable memories. Besides a beer-fest, it is a traveling carnival as worldwide tourists land in Munich to participate in one of the world’s largest fashion and style shows. Because the history of Oktoberfest roots back to a classic era, people love wearing real German lederhosen on Oktoberfest. 

Hope this guide was helpful enough to clearly understand what to wear on Oktoberfest. 

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