Do Females Also Wear A Lederhosen Or It’s Men-only Outfit!

Do Females wear lederhosen

Do Females Also Wear A Lederhosen Or It’s Men-only Outfit!

Lederhosen, or leather breeches, is a traditional Bavarian attire that roots back to the 17th century. At that time, it was widely used by peasants as workwear. These days, the same dress has evolved as a fashion icon for Oktoberfest. Once known as a men-only traditional dress is now equally popular among women also.

If you are searching to explore women’s version of Lederhosen, you are on the right platform. In this writing, we will elaborate on all related aspects. Stay around to explore more about it!

Do Girls Wear Lederhosen

Men wore Lederhosen as they had to work out in the rough conditions. On the other hand, a dress called Dirndl was famous for women.  When the first Oktoberfest was held in Austria, Germany, and other parts of Europe, women wore Dirndl, and men were seen wearing lederhosen. Now, lederhosen is gaining popularity among women as well. Like men’s, women’s Lederhosen also comes in various colors, styles, and sizes. So, you can choose from plenty of options according to your preferences.

women lederhosen costume

Women’s Lederhosen Costume for the Oktoberfest

A few years back, Dirndl dominated the Oktoberfest outfit for women as a traditional wear. Nowadays, Lederhosen is turning into an attractive alternative. This is so because leather pants can emphasize feminine curves and are an eye-catcher for the festival.

This sudden shift in trend has made fashion designers come up with attractive Lederhosen For Women in a variety of styles and colors. So, if you wish to skip your dirndl this year, go for a comfortable pair of Lederhosen for women.

Variety in Lederhosen for women

If we talk about women’s Lederhosen, the selection is vast. In order to create a stunning look for the fest, you can combine lederhosen with a pretty bodice or a figure-hugging blouse. Lederhosen itself comes in a wide variety. Not only can you choose the color of the leather but also the color and design of the embroidery, making it a customized piece.

When choosing lederhosen, women are more conscious about color in comparison to men. Besides the traditional blacks and browns, green and pink colors are more common.

How can women style their Lederhosen to create the Oktoberfest look?

A genuine look for Oktoberfest is not possible with the dress only. So, you must be very conscious about creating a complete look. Are you looking for an ultimate guide about how women can style their lederhosen for Oktoberfest? You got us. Hold on! As mentioned below are some of the essential ingredients that spice up your fashion taste.

  • Oktoberfest Shoes: Well, you have to walk long distances at this festival. You may pass through muddy grass areas in your march, so it is better to plan for it. From shoes, Mary Janes and flats are the perfect options. Plus, they create a sound while dancing, making it a more favorable choice for many females.  


  • Money Wallets: Wherever you go, you can never get rid of money for sure. In the same way, as Oktoberfest is a fashion festival, you can not compromise your look and style. So, nothing can be ideal than having a small money wallet that can hold your money, cards, and identifications.


  • Cross-body Bags: If a small pouch or a money wallet can not cater to your need, a cross-body bag will be the most excellent option. The incredible thing about it is that it can hide under your jacket, keeping your look intact. 


  • Wiesn Glupperl: Basically, a Wiesn Glupperl is a wooden clothespin used as a traditional accessory. It contains your first name and Oktoberfest flair with a wood burner. 


  • Jackets or Sweaters: On the occasion of Oktoberfest, the weather can get colder. To be ready for such circumstances, you must pack a coat or sweater. Interestingly, they also come in various colors and designs to choose from. 

  • Accessories and Jewelry: For women, the look remains incomplete without jewelry and accessories, whether it is a formal or informal event. 
    • Temporary flash tattoos
    • Short handkerchief scarf 
    • Ribbon choker or Weisn necklace
  • Playful Oktoberfest clothespin

How can we help?

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What makes us stand out from our competitors?

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To add more, besides the design, we have made sizing very easy. To get the ideal lederhosen for women, size matters more than men as women’s bodies are curvy and need a more precise size measurement than men’s. You can contact us, and we will provide you with a guide on how to take measures for the size of your lederhosen. By doing so, you can order your lederhosen before landing in Munich for Oktoberfest.

Final Thoughts:

Lederhosen is no more a men-only Bavarian Traditional Oktoberfest Outfit. These days, the fascination with fashion in women has made them look for and opt for lederhosen just like men. That is why now this kind of leather pants are coming in a wide variety catering to the needs of both men and women. You can choose the one with your favorite color and style or use customization options.


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