What accessories are commonly worn with Bavarian Traditional Outfits?

bavarian traditional outfit

What accessories are commonly worn with Bavarian Traditional Outfits?

Wearing a Dirndl or Lederhosen is a must to make the most out of the Oktoberfest. Wearing a traditional Bavarian outfit makes the wearer feel the authentic essence of the fest. The locals, business persons, and tourists all have Bavarian cultural outfits hanging in their closets. When it comes to styling a new look for the Oktoberfest, you can not only rely on the outfit. The right accessories are necessary to be included in crafting the right look for this folk festival.

If you have been searching for a hands-on guide on accessories to style the best look for Oktoberfest, your search is over. You have landed on the right spot. After a complete research process, we have come up with a range of accessories that you can choose from as per your style, choice, and budget.

Let’s break it all together!

Accessories For Men

leather lederhosen for men

Traditionally, the leather lederhosen for men comes with a checkered or a solid shirt. But your fashion game should not stop here. You always have an option to create your desired look from scratch. So, it is also important for men to have the appropriate accessories for the traditional costume. Some of these accessories are:


  • Traditional Vest: In Bavarian, the Traditional vest is called “Trachtenleiberl.” In past years, it has been worn with much popularity as it was stylish as well as functional. This vest does not only go with the Oktoberfest Lederhosen; you can also style it with various costume combinations. Leather, Linen, or Satin are mostly used to construct these cultural vests. You can wear it open or buttoned up, depending upon the type.
  • Leather Belt: You must style a wide leather belt to fill the empty loops in your leather pants. If you prefer wearing attire without braces, a belt would be the popular accessory for men in that case. In terms of variety, you can choose a belt in bronze or silver color. What adds charm to it is the decorative motifs. The customization of your belt is totally up to you. You can have certain initials, stags, or emblems on it.
  • Bavarian Charivari: A chain with charms is a Bavarian expression that is attached to authentic leather trousers. For fashion-conscious people, it is a must-have. It acts as an eye-catcher assembled with the traditional outfit. The charms on the Charivari represent the special hunting trophies or the animal paws and bird claws.
  • Alpine Hat: To impart the real Bavarian touch to the traditional look, an Alpine hat is necessary as it completes the look. It must not miss the ‘Gamsbart,’ which is an expression for ‘goatee beard’ in Bavaria.

Accessories For Women

Just like men, there is a large selection of fashionable and traditional costume accessories for women. Oktoberfest is an event of great cultural and fashion shows, so how can you miss out on creating a look that stands out? These accessories range from hair accessories to necklaces and traditional bags. Besides that, there are different possibilities ladies can go for to make the Wiesn outfit unique.


  • Handbag: Every woman owns a bag irrespective of her cultural costume. These handbags go with leather Lederhosen as well as Dirndl. They boost the charm of the traditional look. On the other hand, you can also carry your keys, mobile phone, and money in it with a lot of ease. For this purpose, small-sized bags are the most practical ones. If you think this bag does not cater to your needs, you may want more space. For that purpose, you can carry a traditional backpack. The most popular options are the square or heart-shaped bags.
  • Hair Accessories: During the largest beer festival in the world, weaving figures are very common. Small bows or ribbons can take your simple and elegant braided hairstyle to another level. Apart from the ribbons, small pins matching your costume give a wow effect to your style.
  • Alpine Hat: Another adorable option adding Oktoberfest essence to the simple looks is an Alpine hat. As the fascination of fashion is increasing day by day, people have started wearing new accessories to their looks.
  • Traditional bracelet: Besides all the other traditional accessories, a chic bracelet is what gives your look a finishing touch. If it is matching the necklace, it can be an ideal option for your look. You can choose a bracelet in silver or bronze material. But you are not bound to one; you can also go for a leather bracelet to upgrade your Dirndl.

Which Outfit Is Ideal For Oktoberfest?

 Oktoberfest is a folk festival, so it is necessary to wear traditional to feel the real essence of the festival. To style for this event, leather Lederhosen or Dirndl is the best option to choose from. This costume is the one that has stood the test of time and gained the status it now has.

But where to buy your costume from?

Where to Buy Authentic Lederhosen

Lederhosen is the most reliable platform to shop for authentic Lederhosen for your Oktoberfest fun. You can choose your outfit according to your own choice. It varies in color, style, shape, and embroidery designs. Shop the best option that goes well with the look you have imagined for your Oktoberfest festival.

Final Verdict

Oktoberfest was once celebrated as a one-time celebration in 1810. These days, it has earned the status of a cultural phenomenon. Besides being a traditional festival, it is the largest beer festival in the world. To style for the Oktoberfest, you should wear the traditional leather wear. The most common and elegant options are Dirndl and Lederhosen. Whether you are styling Dirndl or Lederhosen, you should elevate your look with accessories. Undoubtedly, they impart an extra charm to your look for the fest.

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