How to Make Lederhosen?

DIY German lederhosen Costume

How to Make Lederhosen?

True Bavarian spirit comes with no bounds! So make your own Lederhosen at home or grab one from the eLederhosen and steal all the limelight at Oktoberfest!

If screaming “Prost” until your lungs give out and gulping down many gallons of beer is the heart of Oktoberfest, Lederhosen outfits are the soul. At its core, the fest is a family carnival full of rides, food, and entertainment to celebrate German tradition. Thus, doing so while adorning the best of Bavarian outfits, the German lederhosen, is equally essential! 

If you’d like to skip the hassle of buying a new separate dress, you don’t necessarily have to skip making a style statement at the fest. There are many easy ways to put together Lederhosen outfits at home. But, of course, the accuracy of the end product depends upon the technique used, such as stitching the garment from scratch or repurposing an old one.

German Lederhosen History:

Back in the 18th century, the garment emerged as working-class apparel due to its unmatched strength. Finally, however, the word spread, and the garment began making a mark in all fields of life, from hunting to riding and even formal wear. Today, it stands as an emblem of German culture and is, in itself, a celebration of the Bavarian spirit.

Nothing should stand in the way of people looking to embody this spirit and honor German culture. With this quick guide on making your own Lederhosen, allow us to ease the process for you.

How to Sew Lederhosen?

With efficient use of a sewing machine, you can go on to create your own custom Lederhosen. Naturally, this would not be an authentic image of the traditional German design. However, it will still help you unleash your creativity for the biggest celebration of German traditions

lederhosen embroidery

What are Lederhosen made of?

Since we are starting from scratch, it is better to go for the actual traditional lederhosen materials. To do so, you must source authentic animal skin leather. Varieties of deerskin, cowhide, and goatskin are preferable choices. 

You can either get dried skin straight from the tannery or let it hang for a few days to dry out. Once dried, scratch off the rough outer layer to reveal the soft skin on the inside!

Pattern and Stitching a Lederhosen:

When you have the leather ready, it is time to work on the pattern. Lederhosen generally does not take up a lot of fabric. However, you will have to put two pieces of material together to create the pant leg. Thus, you should first work out your pattern on cardboard to be sure. 

  • Once ready, mark the required length with chalk. Avoid using pins of any kind, as pinholes leave a prominent impression on leather. 
  • Cut off the extra material, leaving almost 1-2 inches to attach the hem. 
  • The hem is a crucial part that must be well-stitched for a comfortable garment. With chalk and ruler, draw a dotted line to follow during stitching.

real lederhosen

With the basic short structure sewed, plan out your accessories. Whether you’re attaching H-shaped braces or suspenders, use the leftover skin to draw and cut them out. Take a needle of size 14 or 16 and use nylon thread to attach them according to the design you are aiming for.

Accessorizing a Lederhosen:

At this point, you have a complete lederhosen structure at hand. You can pair it up with a Bavarian lederhosen shirt and steal all the limelight at the Oktoberfest. 

However, if you have a knack for embroidery, you can go the extra mile. Get the traditional lederhosen motifs embroidered on the front panel and near the hem of the shorts. You may also add wooden buttons at the crotch or on the knife pockets. 

Quick DIY Lederhosen:

Indeed, the entire sewing process can be a bit complicated if you don’t have prior experience with the machine. In that case, we suggest you do not experiment a lot and perform a quick DIY.

DIY Lederhosen Pattern

Reusing Pants to make Lederhosen:

To start off, you need a pair of brown pants. They do not necessarily have to be leather. If you can find a fabric even closer, such as leather suede or corduroy, you can make this outfit work. Chances are you will find such a garment in your wardrobe or buy them from any retail store.

Follow the steps listed below to transform the otherwise simple brown bottoms into a lederhosen outfit perfect for the Oktoberfest:

  • Place the pants on a flat surface with one leg over the other.
  • According to your body measurements, mark the extra length with chalk. Now use a pair of scissors to trim the extra length. You should have a size that ends just above your knee.
  • Using a heavy-duty sewing needle, smooth out the hem by making it much more fitted than regular pants.
  • Utilize the fabric removed to add a belt flap at the crotch. The flap is usually only ⅓ of the width of the front. 
  • Accessorize with buttons on pre-existing pockets and add matching suspenders. 

The Bottom Line:

Remember that this process will grant you an outfit appropriate for the Oktoberfest. However, it is not a substitute for traditional German design and cannot replicate its charisma. If you’d like an authentic piece, we suggest you browse the collection at eLederhosen.


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