What To Wear To Oktoberfest Parties – Styling Your Own Look

what to wear to Oktoberfest party

What To Wear To Oktoberfest Parties – Styling Your Own Look

Are you planning to go to Munich for fun? Then you can’t miss out on the Oktoberfest. So, before heading to Oktoberfest, the world’s largest beer festival and funfair, read this guide. Here, we will elaborate on What To Wear To Oktoberfest Outfits at Parties. Let’s break it all!

What To Wear To Oktoberfest Parties

When it comes to styling the look for any event, the dress is an essential part that imparts an entire vibe of warmth and companionship. Likewise, your celebration remains incomplete without a dress if you are heading to Munich for Oktoberfest.

Below are some of the loveliest dress options that are often recommended for a better experience.


Oktoberfest party outfit

 Men’s Style Guide


A Traditional Lederhosen

Many traditional Oktoberfest pants have unique names, but Lederhosen is the primary Bavarian Traditional leather shorts in various colors and designs. Usually, pairs of Lederhosen come with animal horns or bone buttons. Some have heavy and more decorative embroidery. So, you can choose whatever you think suits you and caters to your needs.

An Alpine Hat

Well, it is not compulsory to wear a hat, but if you do, it would be an excellent addition to your Oktoberfest style. An authentic Alpine Bavarian Traditional hat is soft to the touch, sizes comfortably, and is slightly flexible. So, if you want to dress traditionally, go for an Alpine hat instead of the tacky touristy hat.

Hat Pins: If you want to give your hat a fancy touch, you can add custom pewter pins. Remember, these pins are based on the cities you have visited and your interests, like hunting and hiking.

Hat Feathers: The big feathers or tuft of hair on your traditional hat indicate your high standing. For this purpose, you can add the feather of a peacock or an ostrich.


Trachten Shirts

The most common style of Bavarian shirt is the Trachten shirt. They can come in a solid color but can also be plaid pattern checkered in either blue or red. Although the traditional colors of Bavaria are white and blue, you can choose any color you want.

Lederhosen Suspenders

Undoubtedly, Bavarian Traditional suspenders give a classic touch to the lederhosen look. The front strap breastplate forms an H across the chest. In comparison, the strap will crisscross on the back. To add some flair, you can add an embroidered front strap.

Half Shoes

Bavarian traditional shoes are known as Half Shoe, a blend of work boots and dress shoes. These shoes may have suede or smooth leather top, rubber-cleated bumps, and wooden bottoms. They are very comfortable and, above all, durable and fashionable. Besides half shoe, companies have started making brown leather tracht sneakers that are a great alternative to these.

Bavarian Socks

Mostly, Oktoberfest socks can be wool but are cotton with checkered patterns or stripes on them. However, plain socks are also very common. Indeed, a mid-shin wool leg warmer and low-cut cotton bootie sock make the coolest combo.

Traditional Jackets and Vests

For Oktoberfest, men prefer wearing a collarless jacket or a sturdy vest to accent their traditional outfits. You can style your vest with a tight tie. Some vests are made of flat material, and others have more decorative bone or metal buttons. Wool collar-less jackets are also a decent option that can be costly.

Men Accessories

If you still want to add some more spice to your style, you can add the following accessories:

  • A Charivari chain
  • A handkerchief tie

Women’s Style Guide


Oktoberfest outfit ideas female

Women’s outfits for Oktoberfest come in thousands of varieties. Although there is no right way to style, you will wear something that meets the event’s needs and is comfortable. Below is a detailed guide of ideas and outfit tips you’ll like.

Women’s Lederhosen

lederhosen female authentic

Historically, lederhosen was a dress specific for men, but now there is no such limitation. These days, men and women can wear this dress to style a traditional look for Oktoberfest. Like men, women’s lederhosen also comes in various styles and colors.

Traditional Dirndl

Simply put, a Dirndl is a variant of men’s lederhosen that women wear as a Bavaria Traditional outfit. This dress has three main parts; the skirt, the apron, and the blouse. A dirndl comes in various colors, designs, and styles. One of the most exciting things about a traditional dirndl is that you can wear it to a formal event or festival.


Oktoberfest costumes for women

Dirndl is a series of outfits that comes in various lengths. Interestingly, each of them creates another look. Choose what works better for you.


For a woman to look complete, a blouse is vital. Remember that your blouse must be lighter, like white, to create a magnificent look with your favorite outfit. A blouse generally has a poofy shoulder, short sleeves, and a vertical popped collar.

An Apron

An authentic traditional Bavarian dress has an apron to wear above and a bow to tie on the front. Apron for a dirndl comes in cotton or satin fabric. You can choose between these two depending on the style you want. The placement of your bow tells people about your relationship status.

  • Left side: Single
  • Right side: Taken or Married
  • Middle: Virgin or Child
  • Back: Widowed or Waitress

Traditional Shoe

The most suitable everyday shoes are simple ballerina flats or flats with straps called Mary Jane. Mary Janes are made of leather with rubber bottoms, cleated heels, and toes that make noise while dancing.


  • A Money Wallet: You can’t get rid of money whether you want to carry it or not, and you need it. So, if you are wearing a dirndl (women) or lederhosen (men), you can not afford to distract from your traditional outfit with a handbag. So, consider having a small money wallet, and having it will allow you to enjoy the festival without worrying about your credit card, cash, and identification.
  • Crossbody Bag: A crossbody bag is better than a handbag if you think a small pouch or wallet can not cater to your needs. Most people like it because it remains hidden under the rain jacket. In this way, it can not have any impact on your look.

Hair, Fascinators, and Hats

To finish the look, you can go with a classic Hiedi look having two ponytails with matching ribbons with your dress. Braiding mini roses, small meadow flowers, or ribbons also look great. Fascinator range from vibrant colored feathers by edelweiss-shaped pins to a mini version of the Alpine hiking hat. Mainly men wear Alpine hats, but now they are also common in women as they come in many colors.

Accessories and Jewelry

You must decide how to dress before heading to Munich for Oktoberfest to select your accessories and jewelry. You can choose from the following options:

  • Ribbon choker or Weisn necklace
  • Short handkerchief scarf 
  • Traditional chains full of hanging coins
  • Playful Oktoberfest clothespin
  • Temporary flash tattoos
  • Umbrella as an accessory if it starts raining

Jackets and Sweaters

They both come in a variety of colors and styles. Select the one that better suits you. A Bavarian Traditional Jacket is called a Trachten jacket that comes in various thicknesses.

Wiesn Glupperl

Wisen Klammern, or Wisen Glupperl, is a traditional wooden clothespin. It is decorated with Oktoberfest flair, and your first name is traced on it with a wood burner. They are a bit tacky and a great icebreaker.


What Not to Wear to Oktoberfest parties

White styling your look for Oktoberfest, avoid the bad practices that are mentioned below:

  • During Oktoberfest, you will face fall temperatures and walk through muddy grass areas. In that case, wearing a shoe like flip-flops is the worse idea ever.
  • If you decide to wear a dirndl, make sure it is knee-length. It may seem disrespectful to wear a short or skimpy dirndl. So, try to develop a culturally sensitive attitude.

Final Thoughts

Oktoberfest or any other event becomes more enjoyable with the right style and suitable fashion items. Your dress, shoe, and accessories complete your look. If you fail to select one right, you may undergo an awful experience.

Hope this guide was helpful enough to style your look for Oktoberfest.

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